Ensure School and Student Safety

  1. Hold a regular review of emergency situation protocols for all employees at each site.
  2. Assign each school campus a specially trained Law Enforcement Officer.
  3. Push back high school start times, so students aren’t waiting for buses in the dark.
  4. Continue to audit facilities and recommend security upgrades.

Restore Discipline in the Classroom

  1. Bring in professional behavior specialists at school.
  2. Emphasize developmentally appropriate practices so students don’t act out.
  3. Allow teachers time to develop community in the classroom.
  4. Help struggling students get the help they need.

Stop Overtesting

  1. Differentiate state-mandated vs. district-imposed tests and their purpose.
  2. Retrain administrators to “look beyond the numbers.”
  3. Reallocate resources devoted to testing – technology, time, personnel, focus – to areas of greater need.

Expand Career Tech Access

  1. Expose middle school students to OCPS Orange Tech College Campuses.
  2. Integrate academic and career tech at traditional high school campuses.
  3. Strengthen partnerships with leading industries that pay a living wage and offer health benefits.

Expand Access to Mental Health Services

  1. Locate a mental health provider at each school site, in addition to the guidance counselor.
  2. Partner with the Mental Health Association of Central Florida for additional resources.
  3. Replace the anxiety-causing testing focus with an emphasis on developing the whole child.

Restore Respect for Teachers and Address the Teacher Shortage

  1. Classroom teachers MUST be a part of the district’s decision-making.
  2. Allow teachers to use their professional judgment in how they teach the standards.
  3. Give teachers back their planning time to plan.