Karen will continue to focus on improving the educational experience and outcomes for all students.


  • Ensure the Safety of All Students
  • Promote Developmentally Appropriate Practices
  • Protect Students’ Personal Data 
  • Create Equitable Opportunities for All Students
  • Increase Mental Health Resources
  • Integrate Social-Emotional Learning in Every Class
  • Promote and Celebrate the Arts, Music, and Athletics


  • Allow Teachers to Use Their Professional Judgment
  • Reduce Teacher Workload
  • Devote More Time to Teaching, Less Time to Testing
  • Redirect Resources toward Employee Compensation
  • Demonstrate That We Value Teachers’ Experience and Expertise


  • Encourage Energy-Saving Green Practices Throughout
  • Expand Career Tech Industry Partnerships
  • Foster Greater Transparency and Trust
  • Advocate for the Needs of OCPS in Tallahassee 
  • Recruit Community Mentors to Nurture Resilience in Students